Age Range: K - 8th grade

    Available to: Schools in North Carolina

    Cast: The cast is made up of  five musicians, two singers, one narrator. The Moravian Brass Quartet adds an extra four musicians.

    Music Styles: The show features music styles including Jazz, Bluegrass, Blues, Gospel, Old-time Stringband, Rhythm & Blues, and Moravian Brass. (CLICK HERE for PDF with more information.)

    Content: The school show is aligned with State and Common Core Standards for Music, Social Studies, and Language Arts. A musical revue and history lesson is included with songs from North Carolina music greats John Coltrane, Doc Watson, Blind Boy Fuller, Shirley Caesar, Tommy Jarrell, the "5" Royales, Nina Simone, and the Salem Band. (CLICK HERE for PDF with more information on these music greats. To dig deeper into the musical history of the time period in which they lived, CLICK HERE for PDF.)

    Message to Kids: Key messages include: music is connected to history, pursue music, do your best, have pride in North Carolina, follow in the footsteps of North Carolina's great musicians.

    Extras: Sing-alongs, slideshow, and audience member contest.

    Music Class Visit: Bassist Matt Kendrick visits with the music class after the show.

    Easy on Schools: Our technical director supplies audio/visual equipment and requires minimal assistance


    These lessons accompany Carolina Music Ways' school assembly show, Carolina Live!–Our Musical History. (The 4th grade units are also suitable for students who have not seen the show.)

    Please click below for the material you need. (This curriculum is closely aligned with North Carolina standards.)

    Carolina Music Ways' Educational Director, Elizabeth Carlson, Ed.M, wrote Carolina Music Ways' curriculum material in consultation with teachers and curriculum specialists in the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools. An elementary school educator who has taught at many grade levels, Carlson has worked with a wide range of students, including gifted and learning disabled students. She holds degrees from Princeton University (American Studies/English) and the Harvard Graduate School of Education (Language and Literacy).


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